Frequently asked questions

What is hypnosis?
A state of relaxation and concentration, where the awareness is heightened. This is achieved through suggestion. Hypnosis is a power for good, it replaces the unwanted issue with a good, positive, desired outcome. This is brought about from the subconscious mind new learnings.

Are there some people who cannot be hypnotised?
No, although the degree varies from person to person.

Are there some people who should not have hypnosis?
Yes. Please see the list of contraindications.

Are drugs or tablets used?

Shall I be aware of what Is happening during hypnosis?
Yes, at all times.

So, I am not asleep then?
No, but you are extremely relaxed. 

Is hypnosis safe?
Yes. Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural process.

How many visits will I need?
Simple things like stopping smoking will need 1-2 sessions, while deep rooted issues may need 4-8 sessions on average. At the initial consultation you will be given some idea of the number of sessions which may be needed. This can change, depending on the problem and the clients response and willingness to fully engage in the process. It is vital that the client is fully committed to the hypnosis treatments, which then makes a successful outcome more likely.

Will I be given homework to do between sessions?
Yes. I sometimes give tasks, usually very small ones, in order to build up confidence and progress towards ones goals. 

Is the consultation free?
Yes, usually followed by the first session.

What can be helped using hypnosis?
Just about anything. My particular interest is confidence issues and related things like public speaking. Also stopping smoking, stress and relaxation.

Please enquire.

How do I contact you?
Telephone me directly on 01437 541214 or use the contact form on the ‘Get in Touch‘ page. Write a brief message outlining what you want help with. I will email you when I am available. I will need all clients to telephone me for a chat before booking an appointment, this is so we can discuss if hypnotherapy is suitable for you. We can then book an appointment to have the initial consultation and first session. Complete confidentiality and trust is assured.

01437 541214

Angela Moffat
Dip.Hyp. DHP Acc.Hyp
Smoking Cessation Specialist